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Introducing Chris Katona - Delivering on his Promises - Every Day

Upon meeting Chris Katona, Owner of The Advantage Painting, you will not only sense his years of experience and confidence in his trade, but in his ability to put you at ease through his open style of communication. He is present on every project as the quality and integrity of his work are of the utmost importance in maintaining his outstanding reputation. Chris makes his promises clear from the onset and those promises include treating your home and family with the same respect as he does his own.

Born in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, Chris relocated to Westerville, Ohio where he graduated from Westerville South. Chris picked up a paintbrush when he was 21 and worked for Colors Inc., and The Painting Company, before launching his own business in March of 1990. Currently, Chris resides in Delaware, Ohio, with his wife and their two sons. “My family is the reason I embrace each day and I want them to be proud of the manner in which I serve both my Residential and Commercial customers.”

While Chris was growing up, he learned from his parents to appreciate the value of working with your hands, taking pride in your craft and becoming an excellent tradesman. This upbringing helps him understand the importance of never compromising on your standards on any project associated with your name. Chris never meets a stranger and he is committed to understanding what his customer wants. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about what needs to be done, but willingly involves the customer in the estimating process, so they understand the ‘why’ behind what needs to be done.

Repeat customers and referrals are the number one source of Chris’ success in the Residential & Commercial painting industry. One can expect to have a long-term relationship with The Advantage Painting company and customers always feel confident when calling upon his services, time and time again. Since customers are singing his praise, his work becomes contagious and it is not uncommon for Chris to complete projects throughout an entire neighborhood. “I understand how hard couples work to provide for their families and take care of their homes, so I have built my reputation on being timely, ethical and fair to each and every family I come to know and serve.”

Chris understands if his ‘new customers’ are initially cautious, because of their experience with other contractors in the painting industry. “It is unfortunate that all companies do not share the same commitment and passion for their work as we do. I base our company on Christian ideals and I know that when our business decisions align with Biblical Truths, that we will always make decisions which serve others. I owe my focus on faith to my Brother, who has shown me that this is the way to live my life.”

Starting with Hurricane Ike, Chris mastered the art of working with Storm Damage & Insurance Claims. “I was trained by some of the best companies in Central Ohio on how to help a homeowner navigate the process of contacting their insurance company, temporarily protecting their roof, preparing a list of damaged areas for the insurance adjuster and then meeting and negotiating a claim.” Not only has Chris owned his painting company for 30 years, but he is a seasoned professional, and knows how to proceed when wind or hail storms cause damage to your property.

Chris Katona and his team of contractors will beautifully restore your home. “We all need to work together to ensure the Homeowner’s experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Why? Because this is what we promised to the customer and it is our responsibility to uphold our commitment and deliver on our promises. Only then, have we have completed a job well-done!”